Curvy Roads Of the Uplands

Mountains and lagoons

Veer far off the beaten path, discovering wild and stunning landscapes. Feel the cool breeze of the Panama hills riding along the curvy roads of Anton Valley to the San Carlos Lagoon and Curvy Mountain roads.

According to geologists, the Anton Valley is the crater of a volcano. Due to the altitude it tends to have a milder and nicer climate. The main nearby touristic attractions include the Waterfall of El Macho (also known as El Salto de Tomasin),

thermal waters, a botanical garden called “El Nispero”, which includes a collection of rare species of amphibious. Some of the forest surrounding the town are protected by the law.

Places to visit in this experience

Panama City | Anton Valley | Chame Point | Pacific Ocean | Nitro City Action Sports


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Curvy Roads Of the Uplands


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