Pirates of the Caribbean

Henry Morgan’s cannons blasted their way into Panama 500 years ago, heralding in a previously unforeseen expansion project for the Spanish Crown: explore, populate and conquer the region, and of course, bring back its gold. Military strategies and architecture were crucial to defend and trade the new treasures found not only in Panama but also in the South American Inca Empire. Pirate-extraordinaire Henry Morgan obtained the authorization from the British empire to ransack Spanish possessions, setting the stage for an ongoing battle for Caribbean treasures that would shape much of world history for centuries to come.


Panama´s geographical position has provoked, over the years, an impressive intercultural and commercial exchange from all over the world, it became a place where pirates, conquerors, local people and slaves get together and Panama became a relevant place for the world commerce.  Offensive and defensive strategies were made along the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast where the real legendary stories of the Pirates of the Caribbean took place.

The pleasant Caribbean and its crystal clear waters are an extraordinary natural setting for beach lovers. A celebration of life will take place at the luxuriant lush rainforest.

A Taste of Panama: nature, color and vibes is an enchanting experience that will transport you from a colorful old city, through to the biodiverse array of rivers, lakes and the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

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