Pacific Route

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Ride along the isthmus’ Pacific coast, experiencing wonderful scenery and vivid cultures. Draw out the uniqueness of each destination, from world-class surfing spots to the amazing Panama Canal.

The Old Colonial City and the New Metropolis.

The City of Panama was founded in 1519. It is an urban mix between the vibrant new city and a colorful ancient city. This city was the starting point for the expeditions

that conquered the Inca Empire in Peru. A stop on one of the most important trade routes. Surrounded by rainforests and the Pacific coast, Panama is a vibrant city at night with skyscrapers.

Places to visit in this experience

Panama City | Miraflores Lock Gates | Panama Canal | Santa Catalina | Pedasí | Venao Beach | Pacific Ocean | Nata


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Pacific Route Experience


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A Taste of Panama:
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