Tales of the Caribbean

The aquamarine shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea will welcome explorers in a colorful journey with marine creatures and coral reef formations.  The mixture between white sand and the living sounds of the rainforest is the perfect scenery to play and enjoy with curated flexible activities for everyone: a secluded beach, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming or just relaxing on board.

Curious marine creatures of the coral reef –dolphins, colorful fish, sea turtles- will escort you along the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea. Our captain will follow the wind taking you to secluded and distant islands of paradisiac white sandy beaches and shallow tropical turquoise waters. Taste the fresh catch of the day, which can be the one you fished.

Tales of the sea, mystery and imagination will come alive while you stargaze at night. Paradise becomes a living reality while you snorkel, kayak, and discover sunk pirate ships or just relax at the beach. The experience of joining the Guna Yala’s way of living will take you back in time. Tales of the Caribbean an exhilarating experience.

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Tales of
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