The 10 reasons to visit Panama in 2020

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Panama is the new favorite destination of travel and tourism experts around the world, in addition to renowned magazines in the field. On countless occasions the country has been named among the first options for travel in this new year. Tourism, without a doubt, is one of the most important economic and cultural activities, since in the country it is possible to carry out all types of tourism; cultural, adventure, entertainment, for business.

In addition to being a small country, its majestic landscapes, flora, fauna, events and spectacular beaches make it a perfect paradise to discover.

If you still have doubts about visiting the country, today we will give you 10 of the thousands of reasons why you should visit Panama this 2020:

Beaches in the Pacific: Panama’s Pacific beaches are spread out along the coast of six provinces; Panama, West Panama, Chiriqui, Veraguas, Herrera, Los Santos and Cocle. Its long dreamy beaches with white sand and turquoise waters complete the list for a dream vacation. Here you can enjoy the adventure, the resorts or practice surfing, snorkeling, diving, bird watching, kayaking and ecotourism tours thanks to its wide diversity of animal species and exuberant vegetation. The beaches on this side of the country allow you to enjoy the sea without any worries. 

  • Bonita Beach 
  • Veracruz Beach
  • Las Perlas Archipelago
  • Contadora Island
  • Gorgona Beach
  • Coronado Beach 
  • Iguana Island
  • Santa Catalina Beach
  • Bolaños Island
  • Las Lajas Beach

Beaches in the Caribbean: These are the beaches that most attract tourists because of their pristine turquoise waters that surround their shores. This has also made the surrounding areas more friendly to nature. Three provinces mainly share this sea; Bocas del Toro, Colon, Veraguas and the Guna Yala region. Besides having spectacular landscapes, the Panamanian Caribbean keeps unique stories; the province of Colon is full of stories of pirates, mix of cultures and new customs.

  • Guna Yala – San Blas Archipelago – 360 islands
  • Mamey Island
  • Big Island
  • Coral Cay
  • Frog Network
  • Cayo Zapatillas
  • Las Estrellas Beach
  • La Angosta Beach
  • Palenque Island
  • Portobelo
  • Calovebora Beach 

Business Connection: Since the beginning of history Panama has been a center of business, logistics and commerce. Today, the country stands out with the highest economic growth in Latin America, is among the most competitive countries in Latin America according to the World Economic Forum and maintains a privileged position in important development qualities. In addition, its geographical location allows the world to offer a wide variety of modern financial, commercial and logistical services.

Panama’s strategic location, infrastructure and connection make it an ideal destination for meetings and conventions in the Americas. Its growing and stable economy allows investors to trust in the territory to carry out their business. 

Cultural range: Panama is a country that defines multiculturalism in its entirety, it is a melting pot and this becomes obvious when you step into the country. From the beginning of its formation, seven cultures forged what today is the gentleman’s territory; Aboriginal, Africans, Spanish people, Chinese, Afroantillans, French, North Americans. Immigrants, foreigners and locals, have gradually shaped the Panamanian way of life. A mixture of races, cultures, languages and religions live together and enrich the country. Panama has been changing and developing over time, as the center of the American continent, it has become visibly more attractive to tourists. 

Its people: Panamanians are known for being charismatic and welcoming tourists to make them feel at home. Its people and the way in which they live and interact with diverse racial groups is also a product of history, of its condition as a country of transit and of the treatment and opportunities offered to foreigners to settle and make a new life on this istmeño soil. Undoubtedly, this aspect makes any tourist like to visit the country on more than one occasion 

Panama Canal: An average of 2000 people usually visit downtown Miraflores every day to see this architectural wonder of the world; this is not only the main asset of the country, but also the main tourist attraction. In this visitor’s center, there is a theater where a movie is shown presenting Mr. Canales, a character represented by famous actor Morgan Freeman, who will accompany you to enjoy the history of the Panama Canal from its beginnings to the present. 

Ecotourism: this type of tourism involves a mixture of several experiences; culture, environment, gastronomy, atmosphere, practice of some sport activity. The geographical conditions, connectivity and unquestionable attractions that the country has, make it one of the favorite destinations in the region for ecotourism. Thanks to this you will be assured of living a unique experience, close to nature, earthy and transformative. Experience Panama with us and we assure you that you will fall in love with the traditions, customs and landscapes, you will want to come back again and again.

Gastronomy: Its multiculturalism is not only reflected in its physical profiles, it is also reflected in its typical dishes. The passage of so many cultures definitely left a mark on the territory. Panama has come to be a country with a great gastronomic offer ready to receive anyone who wants to know it. For Chef Charlie Collins, one of the most influential in the area, “Panama is a country with its own well-defined gastronomic identity” in which ingredients provided by each of those societies that were passing through or remained in the country.

History: the isthmus of Panama emerged from the ocean to change the world forever. It came to divide the oceans and unite the continents, which caused one of the most important natural events in history. Since its beginnings, the territory is destined to be a country full of history and importance for the continent and the world. The land bridge of Panama nowadays connects people, culture, wildlife and oceans by land, air and sea.

Climate: Panama has a tropical climate, where temperatures remain between 29 and 32 degrees, allowing any time of year to be ideal for travel. There are two seasons throughout the year, the rainy season, which generally starts in April and ends in December, and the summer season from December to April. This makes the country one of the best climates in the world and in fact in 2018 it was chosen as the second country with the best climate in the world.  

Don’t limit yourself and explore the country! And if you need help to enjoy your trip, remember that you can always count on us for a complete experience.