Panama: A Vacations Synonym

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Panama has a tropical climate, where temperatures are usually maintained from 29 to 32 degrees and at night from 23 to 25 degrees, which makes any time of the year a good time to travel. However, two seasons are distinguished throughout the year; one rainy and dry. The first lasts from mid-April to mid-December but it usually rains during the evenings or nights, leaving the rest of the day clear, while during 5 months, from December to mid-April, there is the dry season. This makes the country one of the world’s favorites in terms of climate.  In 2018 was ranked as the second country as the best climate in the world.

Being this the perfect season for your vacations, dare to relax a few days on the beach, visit a city with a lot of history, breathe the air of the mountains or simply spend time with the family. Vacations are one of the pleasures we should take a few days or several weeks a year.

This is the best time to travel to Panama and Latin America

If you were thinking of visiting the country, this is the best time to make your trip, because Copa Airlines, the Panamanian international airline with more than 80 destinations, has launched a campaign in which you can include an extended stop in the country for up to seven days at the time of buying the ticket, at no additional cost in the ticket. This option will also allow you to combine other tourist destinations such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, recognized preferred destinations in Latin America.

Our goal is for you to take home memorable experiences in iconic landscapes, discover new ones, have fun and get out of your daily routines, immerse yourself in different cultures and gain a wider understanding of the world.

Peru: the richest country in the world invites you to discover that it is not richer who has more but who lives more unforgettable experiences. And to start living them you have to travel to Peru, a place where the diversity and authenticity of its culture, nature, and gastronomy, keep the essence of life itself.

Colombia – Cartagena: Next to the sea is the walled old town, founded in the 16th century, with squares, cobbled streets and colorful colonial buildings. With a tropical climate, the city is also a popular beach destination

Costa Rica: The distance of the Costa Rican territory, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea is 200 Miles. The variety of landscapes and microclimates that can be enjoyed in the same day makes of this country a paradise destination. In just 19 thousand square miles, the traveler can find: sun and beach, adventure, nature and culture, components necessary to satisfy the taste of thousands of tourists who find their ideal vacation spot in Costa Rica.

Let’s go to Latin America! Choose one of these destinations and live one of the best summers of your life.

How to prepare for Panama?

As for the economic side, visiting Panama is a simple matter since the currency used is the U.S. dollar. There is a national coin, the “Balboa”, in addition to some national coins, but most of the money is from the United States. The Panamanian Balboa is linked to the U.S. dollar, so its value is the same, however we recommend that, if you get it, only use it in the Panamanian territory. 

Remember also that you must bring your valid passport for a minimum of 3 months and $500 in cash that will allow you to stay in the country. Contact us for more information. 

What to expect

Panama has a wide gastronomic variety; you will find from rice to beans, from salads to fried foods. There are restaurants of all varieties, all styles and of course with the authentic flavors of the canal land. “A to Z”, “Pedro Mandinga” and “Maito”, ranked as one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, are waiting for you to taste everything Panama has to offer. 

And you don’t have to worry about your stay because it has complete and exclusive hotels from coast to coast; “El Otro Lado” on the Atlantic side, “American Trade Hotel” throughout the city center, “Buenaventura” in the country’s most exclusive beach community, “Isla Palenque”, recognized as a unique National Geographic lodge in the world. All these places and many more will allow you to enjoy every moment.

If you are convinced that Panama should be your next destination, and you would like to combine it with another Latino destination, don’t worry if you don’t have an itinerary, leave everything in our hands to create a customized plan for you. Meet live and in full color those incredible images on the Internet on these beautiful beach paradises.