“At your feet … both seas”

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Panama the best destination to travel this 2019

Limiting with the of Costa Rica and Colombia Republics, know the territory that mixes from the most ancient native, Spanish and African customs to the most modern architectural representations fused with the nostalgic charm of the Casco Viejo buildings in its capital: Panama.

The Panama Isthmus emerged 3 million years ago to unite two continents and change forever the way the world looks. Your identity is based on a geographical destination where you can go from having the best mountain views to a rustic and sophisticated capital city.

It has an extension of 7 5420 kilometers and limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea and to the South with the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the youngest Republicans in America but it has one of the most solid economies in Central America.

In January the American magazine “Vogue” cataloged the nation as “The Place to Visit in 2019”. This is not the first time that they are usually classified as one of the best decisions to make an upcoming trip, the web portal of “GQ” Mexico, “The new York Times” and “Lonely Planet” one of the biggest publishers of guides of Travel around the world and the blog “The Female First” of London listed more than 10 reasons why you should add the country to your travel list.

“No matter where you are in modern Panama—500 years in the making—what’s old is new again”

Julia Eskins For Vogue Magazine – January 2019



A look at the heart of the city

Within the capital you can discover the history of the country and at the same time contemplate the modern city. The Panama Canal, known as one of the modern wonders of the world, this incredible engineering work extends along 80 kilometers from the Pacific to the Atlantic. There are two visitor centers that allow visitors to observe its operation, as well as museums and explain how it was built. You can also take boat and kayak trips and even short trips through its gates.

Coast to coast

Bocas del Toro is a territory full of legends, hidden beaches and exotic marine life. Whether the sea or land is your favorite place to do activities, in Bocas you can pedal to the beach, to enjoy the calypso culture or jump into the waves. The Escudo de Veraguas is unique in the world, it is located on an island of barely three hectares of surface fully explorable for those adventurers who venture into its lush jungles.

Deep Caribbean

White sand, palm trees, turquoise blue sea, this is how San Blas is defined, a paradise in the shape of an archipelago. Its crystalline waters are a perfect reason to experience a ride in Catamaran or observe the rich marine life of this island. Another favorite place for visitors is Portobelo, named for Christopher Columbus in 1502, the main port of trade and slaves between Central Europe and South America, which caused it to become the target of attack for pirates. Their culture is a mixture of two worlds.


Mountain adventures

Panama has one of the most biodiverse places in the world, in the densest forest in the country located in the province of Darién, which also allows you to enjoy the waterfalls of the Santa Fe highlands. If you prefer a cooler climate, Boquete is the perfect location; an adventure center that makes it possible to climb or white water rafting. Coffee is the flagship crop of its population, its fields are dotted with seeds and there are circuits where they show the process from the leaf to the cup. This destination was chosen by the American Association of Retirees as one of the best places to retire, which is also ideal for relaxation.

Historical buildings

Every corner has a story to tell and accommodation spaces do not escape it. Hotels that date back more than 100 years and that combine the elegance of the old and the new world and that today are favorite places for all travelers. Each space seeks to uniquely integrate design, culture, nature and luxury in order to provide guests with authentic, exclusive and tailor-made experiences.


Many of the ingredients used in Panamanian cooking are native to different regions: achiote (annato), ají chombo (habanero chilli pepper), chili pepper (sweet creole pepper), plantain, cocoa, dried shrimp, coconut and others.

Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences while traveling is to be able to taste local food.

The Republic of Panama connects people, culture, allows to live wildlife experiences by land, sea and its wonderful oceans. Visit and know the wonders of this Central American country.