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Experience the culture, the wildlife while you sail along the historic Chagres River and above the petrified forest of the Gatun Lake. Surrounded by the exuberant rain forest, the Gatun Lake was at some point the largest artificial lake of the world. Fed by the Chagres River this 415 sq. kilometer lake, makes possible the Panama Canal operation.
While navigating the lake, the upper part of chopped and petrified trees can still be seen in the water. The scenery is amazing…the contrast between the water, the rainforest, and the fauna: tropical birds, monkeys, crocodiles, and a vast number of exotic animals. The jungle sounds will be your orchestra while traversing the Gatun Lake.
The ancient fluvial route of Las Cruces Trail. Since the discovery of Cristopher Columbus back in 1501, the Chagres River became a strategic waterway for “Las Cruces Trail”. A silent witness to Spaniard pursuit of gold, a key point of Pirate stories and the easiest way to tranship between South America and Europe. A path rich in wildlife, culture and birdwatching.

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San Lorenzo Fort

Gatun Lake

Chagres River

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Wildlife Observation

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An experiential journey

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A Taste of Panama: nature, colors and vibes


A Taste of Panama:
nature, colors and vibes






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