Willderness history &
The Panama Canal

Swimming, kayaking or sailing near the Panama Canal is a onetime life experience you can’t miss. This state of the art mechanism that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is a crucial waterway for international maritime transportation and trade.

The new set of locks at Agua Clara has doubled the Canal’s capacity—an awesome feat that can be witnessed from the Visitor’s Center at Agua Clara. This, coupled with sailing and kayaking on the Gatun Lake and riding a motorcycle

from the road point of view to explore the Panama Canal from different angles and perspectives is quite an adventure. Xplore has created curated experiences to get the most out of this engineering masterpiece.

The new set of locks at the Panama Canal has doubled the capacity of the Canal, which construction started in 1904. Since its inauguration most of the ships that could not cross the old Canal, are currently navigating through this state of the art pathways that unites the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The cost of the project is estimated about $5 Billion Dollars. Currently approximately 14,600 ships cross the Canal of Panama generating over $1 Billion to the country’s economy.

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San Lorenzo Fort.

Agua Clara Lock Gates

Monkey´s Trail

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Monkey’s Trail

Wildlife Observation

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Willderness history & The Panama Canal

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